Mikrobiten - Swedish Microbee Club Magazine

tis 05 augusti 2014 by kilroy-71

I was kindly given some Mikrobiten magazines by Lars-Einar Abrahamsson. It was a magazine produced for its members by the Swedish Microbee club, Mikrobiten. Later the club was also aimed towards PC users. You can view my Microbee collection and read more about Applied Technologies Ltd, which is the Australian company that created the Microbee on this page. Scanned versions of these magazines are available for download below:

If viewing of magazines is slow then they are best viewed on the local computer as the 'Fast Web View' option is not enabled in these files. In that case right-click on a cover image and choose 'Save Link As...' to download the file.
[Mikrobiten_1985-1] [Mikrobiten_1985-2] [Mikrobiten_1985-3] [Mikrobiten_1985-4] [Mikrobiten_1985-5] [Mikrobiten_1985-6] [Mikrobiten_1986-1] [Mikrobiten_1986-2] [Mikrobiten_1986-3] [Mikrobiten_1986-4] [Mikrobiten_1986-5] [Mikrobiten_1986-6] [Mikrobiten_1987-1] [Mikrobiten_1987-2] [Mikrobiten_1987-3] [Mikrobiten_1987-4] [Mikrobiten_1987-5] [Mikrobiten_1987-6] [Mikrobiten_1988-1] [Mikrobiten_1988-2] [Mikrobiten_1988-3] [Mikrobiten_1988-4] [Mikrobiten_1988-5] [Mikrobiten_1989-1] [Mikrobiten_1989-2] [Mikrobiten_1989-3] [Mikrobiten_1989-4] [Mikrobiten_1990-1] [Mikrobiten_1990-2] [Mikrobiten_1990-3] [Mikrobiten_1991-1] [Mikrobiten_1991-2] [Mikrobiten_1991-3] [Mikrobiten_1991-4] [Mikrobiten_1992-1] [Mikrobiten_1992-2] [Mikrobiten_1992-3] [Mikrobiten_1992-4] [Mikrobiten_1993-1] [Mikrobiten_1993-2] [Mikrobiten_1993-3] [Mikrobiten_1994-1] [Mikrobiten_1994-2] [Mikrobiten_1994-3] [Mikrobiten_1995-1] [Mikrobiten_1995-2] [Mikrobiten_1996-1] [Mikrobiten_1996-2] [Mikrobiten_1997-1] [Mikrobiten_1997-3] [Mikrobiten_1998-1]
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