Olivetti Prodest PC1

tor 12 oktober 2017 by kilroy-71 comment

I have recently aquired an Olivetti Prodest PC1. Previously I have been modestly interested of vintage PC:s, but the Olivetti caught my interest as it is shaped like an early all-in-one home computer, like the Atari ST. The computer is an IBM XT clone using a NEC V40 CPU. It is not 100% compatible, but it runs most of the games that I throw at it. It came in three different configurations, one 3 1/2 inch drive, two 3 1/2 inch drives and a HD version with one 3 1/2 inch drive and an internal hard disk. Mine is the single 3 1/2 inch drive version.

My computer did not come with a boot disk. A DOS version 3.20 boot disk can be found at http://www.ti99iuc.it/web/go?QM9DET. Note that it is an italian version . The disk image can be written with various tools. I have a retro PC running a version of Slackware Linux that I use. Under linux the disk image can be written to a floppy with the the dd command.

> dd if=disk.img of=/dev/fd0u720 -sync
Olivetti Prodest PC1 floppy case

The two floppy version looks really cool, so I wanted one of course. I designed a floppy case myself and 3D printed it. It fit very well without the floppy, but the 1.44 MB floppy that I put into the case had the floppy connector on the wrong side compared to the original drive. The floppy cable was too short so I had to extend it. When the extended connector was inserted into the drive I got an issue with fitting the case as the floppy cable takes too much space behind the case. I have not found a solution to that yet. Also I need to paint the case. I will try a color with the code RAL7044.

Mikrobiten Update

tor 12 mars 2015 by kilroy-71 comment

I have put up new improved versions of the Mikrobiten magazines which are much smaller, OCR:ed and indexed. Read them here

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Luxor/DIAB Advertisment

ons 13 augusti 2014 by kilroy-71 comment

I found some interesting advertisments from Luxor Datorer AB that made the Swedish computers; ABC-80, ABC-800 etc and also from Dataindustrier AB. Below you can find information about the rare ABC-16, DIAB DS-90, ABC-806 and monitors for the ABC-800 series.

If viewing of magazines is slow then they are …
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Mikrobiten - Swedish Microbee Club Magazine

tis 05 augusti 2014 by kilroy-71 comment

I was kindly given some Mikrobiten magazines by Lars-Einar Abrahamsson. It was a magazine produced for its members by the Swedish Microbee club, Mikrobiten. Later the club was also aimed towards PC users. You can view my Microbee collection and read more about Applied Technologies Ltd, which is the Australian …

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Retrogathering 2013

tor 19 september 2013 by kilroy-71 comment

... will be held as last year in Västerås, Sweden October 5. It is an annual meeting for people interested in vintage computing and gaming. This year there is a focus on MSX and the Atari Jaguar Console. As always there is a great flea market where you can buy vintage …

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Spectravideo SVI-738 MSX2+ Mod

lör 14 september 2013 by kilroy-71 comment

I have two Spectravideo SVI-738 computers. One in mint condition for my collection and one for daily use. The SVI-738 is perfectly suited to be modified as it has plenty of room in the case for modifications and there are also many instructions available to do various mods. It is …

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Keycoder Version 1.1

fre 21 september 2012 by kilroy-71 comment

Made a small code update for restoring settings from eeprom and added a menu entry for saving settings.

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