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tor 16 augusti 2012 by kilroy-71

My interest in computer games began sometime in 70's when I visited my uncle that had a PONG clone. I got an own pong, a Tristar SD-050 in 1981. Sometime during this period, a friend of mine got a Atari 2600. I remember that I was fascinated by the "arcade-like" graphics. Later he got a Atari 400 followed by a Spectravideo SVI-318. I spent a lot of time at his place playing Spectron and programming simple programs in BASIC. Unfortunately I had wait a few more years before I got my first computer, which was a Commodore C64C. Some years later I got an Atari ST. After upgrading to an Atari STE, I finally switched to a 486 in 1993.

A friend of mine had started to acquire some Atari 8-bit and 16-bit computers that he had in the 80's, sometime in 2007-2008. That got my attention and in 2009 I decided to buy a Commodore C64C again. After that I was hooked and I acquired many different 8-bit computers in a short while. Now I have reached a point where I do not have anymore spare room for more hardware. I will probably get rid of parts of the collection and keep collecting in a more specific direction, i.e. the Spectravideo brand. You may read more about it in the Spectravideo category of the collection.

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